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Brazilian Social Democracy Party’s policies on economic issues



the Economy  ›  Taxes

Should Brazil raise taxes on the rich?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, and raise taxes on all income brackets

the Economy  ›  Government Spending

Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

the Economy  ›  Corporate Tax

Should the government raise or lower the tax rate for corporations?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseLower, but eliminate deductions and loop holes

the Economy  ›  Minimum Wage

Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, and adjust it every year according to inflation

the Economy  ›  Universal Basic Income

Do you support a universal basic income program?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing

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the Economy  ›  Labor Unions

Do you believe labor unions help or hurt the economy?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseHelp, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited

the Economy  ›  Tariffs

Should the government add or increase tariffs on products imported into the country?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

the Economy  ›  Welfare

Should there be fewer or more restrictions on current welfare benefits?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseFewer, and ensure benefits go to those that need it most

the Economy  ›  Offshore Banking

Should Brazilian citizens be allowed to save or invest their money in offshore bank accounts?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, as long as offshore income is reported

the Economy  ›  Bonus Cap

Should bankers’ bonuses be capped at 100% of their pay?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo