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Brazilian Social Democracy Party platform and policies



Healthcare  ›  Healthcare Privatization

Should there be more or less privatization of hospital and healthcare services?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseLess, and provide more government funding

the Economy  ›  Taxes

Should Brazil raise taxes on the rich?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, and raise taxes on all income brackets

Social  ›  LGBT Adoption Rights

Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples

the Environment  ›  Environmental Regulation

Should the government increase environmental regulations on businesses to reduce carbon emissions?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Healthcare  ›  Drug Price Regulation

Should the government regulate the prices of life-saving drugs?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

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the Economy  ›  Government Spending

Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Social  ›  Death Penalty

Do you support the death penalty?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

the Economy  ›  Corporate Tax

Should the government raise or lower the tax rate for corporations?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseLower

Domestic Policy  ›  Armed Teachers

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at school?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Social Media Regulation

Should the government regulate social media sites, as a means to prevent fake news and misinformation?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government

Transportation  ›  Public Transportation

Should the government increase spending on public transportation?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Domestic Policy  ›  Drug Policy

Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana

the Economy  ›  Universal Basic Income

Do you support a universal basic income program?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Social  ›  Gender Workplace Diversity

Should businesses be required to have women on their board of directors?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Crime  ›  Prison Overcrowding

Should non-violent prisoners be released from jail in order to reduce overcrowding?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

Crime  ›  Drug Trafficking Penalties

Should drug traffickers receive the death penalty?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Healthcare  ›  Marijuana

Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, and legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it

Crime  ›  Private Prisons

Should the government hire private companies to run prisons?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, but they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption

the Economy  ›  Labor Unions

Do you believe labor unions help or hurt the economy?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseHurt

the Environment  ›  Animal Testing

Should researchers be allowed to use animals in testing the safety of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and cosmetics?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  Mandatory Military Service

Should every 18 year old citizen be required to provide at least one year of military service?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, service should be a choice instead of an obligation

Science  ›  Nuclear Energy

Do you support the use of nuclear energy?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  Syrian Refugees

Should Brazil accept refugees from Syria?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Elections  ›  Campaign Finance

Should corporations, unions, and non-profit organizations be allowed to donate to political parties?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, these types of donations just turn into bribes

Social  ›  Transgender Athletes

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in athletic events?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  Military Spending

Should Brazil increase or decrease military spending?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseDecrease

Healthcare  ›  Safe Haven

Should cities open drug “safe havens” where people who are addicted to illegal drugs can use them under the supervision of medical professionals?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Healthcare  ›  Single-Payer Healthcare

Do you support a single-payer healthcare system?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, but allow people to use private insurance

Immigration  ›  Muslim Immigrants

Should Muslim immigrants be banned from entering the country until the government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Crime  ›  Criminal Voting Rights

Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Crime  ›  Defunding the Police

Should funding for local police departments be redirected to social and community based programs?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Elections  ›  Minimum Voting Age

Should the minimum voting age be lowered?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Foreign Aid

Should Brazil increase or decrease foreign aid spending?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseDecrease, until we drastically reduce our national budget deficit

the Environment  ›  Genetically Modified Foods

Do you support the use of genetically engineered crops and foods?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes

Immigration  ›  Skilled Immigrants

Should Brazil increase or decrease the amount of temporary work visas given to high-skilled immigrant workers?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseIncrease

Domestic Policy  ›  Political Advertising on Social Media

Should social media companies ban political advertising?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Immigration  ›  Immigration Ban

Should there be a temporary ban on all immigration into Brazil?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, but we should spend more to increase our border security

Domestic Policy  ›  Flag Burning

Should it be illegal to burn the Brazilian flag?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Elections  ›  Right of Foreigners to Vote

Should foreigners, currently residing in Brazil, have the right to vote?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseYes, but only after living in the country for 5 years

Immigration  ›  Citizenship Test

Should immigrants be required to pass a citizenship test to demonstrate a basic understanding of our country’s language, history, and government?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Net Neutrality

Should internet service providers be allowed to speed up access to popular websites (that pay higher rates) at the expense of slowing down access to less popular websites (that pay lower rates)?

PdSDB>PdSDB  Party’s support baseNo, treat all traffic equally and continue the openness of the internet